Victorian Sheep Show


A BAPS membership must be obtained by each exhibitor either before or at the time of lodging their entry or entries for the 2021 Victorian Sheep Show.

Entry Fees (per exhibit)$12.00 (inc. GST)
Group Entries (entries from other sections)No Entry Fee
Junior Handler ClassesNo Entry Fee
Non-Competing Trade Exhibits (per pen)$55.00 (inc. GST)
BAPS Membership$65.00 (inc. GST)

BAPS membership includes: Member and Spouse Passes for 1 guest and 3 children, 15 years and under. Valid for unlimited entry to the Ballarat Spring Show November 2021.

All entries close FRIDAY 11 June, 2021 at 5pm.

Entry Forms

Download using above button or contact BAPS office.

Entry Submission

Submit entries on Entry Form along with National Sheep Health Declaration.


Ballarat Agricultural & Pastoral Society
PO Box 401, Ballarat VIC 3353


  1. All entries must be made in WRITING on the Society's Entry Form and lodged with the Executive Officer, Ballarat, before 5PM 11 June, 2021 on which day all entries for the Show will be finally closed and catalogued. Merino Sheep entered are to be inspected and tagged to comply with shearing regulations.
  2. ACKNOWLEDGEMENT, RELEASE AND INDEMNITY – The Exhibitor enters at his own risk.  The Society accepts no responsibility for the loss of or damage to or by any exhibit.  The whole of the Show, the events there at, the exhibits and exhibitors and their agents shall be under the control of, and subject to, the decisions of the Officers, Committee or Appointees of the Society. Any decision or direction made, by either, whether in accordance with the rules or not, shall be final and binding and no Exhibitor shall have any right or cause of action against the Society or the Members of the Committee or Appointees or any right to approach or seek relief from any Court because of any decision made by the society, the Committee or Appointees.
  3. DISPUTES COMMITTEE - Will consist of 3 members nominated from the Society’s Executive Committee. Unless otherwise specified by breed society regulations.
  4. In Merino Sections age will be determined by teeth in accordance with Stud Sheep Show Regulations.
  5. Each exhibit will be judged on its merits according to the Entry Form. Should the Judge consider the exhibit is not in keeping with the Entry Form, the matter must be referred to the Stewards, of their section.
  6. All stock exhibited shall be owned and bred by the exhibitor or his/her principal.
  7. The competing exhibits will be classed and distinguished by poll tags or numbers to be affixed to each lot immediately after they are placed in the Showgrounds.
  8. DISPLAY SHEEP – The society invites any sheep stud owner to display a pen of their sheep at the show if they desire to promote their genetics. These sheep do not need to have shearing inspection tags nor do they need to be micron tested as per the Victorian Stud Merino Breeders Minimum Standards. Breeds other than Merino are welcome to enter a pen. All sheep on display must come from an accredited Free Flock for Ovine brucellosis and have an electronic NLIS tag and National Sheep Health Declaration. A fee of $55.00 per pen applies and a current BAPS membership must be held.
  9. No change can, under any circumstances be made in the general regulations of the Society unless submitted to and approved of by a meeting of the Executive Committee and duly intimated to Competitors.
  10. A Membership ticket must be obtained by each exhibitor either before or at the time of lodging his entry or entries for this Show with the Executive Officer. Members tickets for the current financial year may be obtained from the Executive Officer.
  11. All Sheep regardless of breed, shall be ready for judging by 8.30 am on Sunday the 20th June, 2021 with Poll Tickets attached, and all exhibits must be kept in their pens until 4 pm on the day.
  12. In the Shortwool section, sheep entered in the long wool classes of that section are to have no more than 32mm of wool on any part of its body on judging day, and sheep entered in the short wool classes of that section shall have no more than 19mm of wool on any part of its body on judging day.

Animal Health Regulations


  1. No animal shall be permitted to be shown if they suffer from any disease or infestation.
  2. No animal shall be permitted from a Flock or Property that has had VIRULENT FOOTROT within the last 12 months.
  3. OVINE BRUCELLOCIS: entries accepted from accredited free Flocks only.
  4. OVINE JOHNE’S DISEASE (OJD): approved venue status accreditation for the show venue will be ratified with an approved Veterinarian prior to the Show. All exhibitors must provide evidence of the current OJD status of their flock with entries to ensure that appropriate penning arrangements can be provided to preserve the integrity of the flocks exhibiting. (Refer National Sheep Health Declaration).  Entries will be accepted from MAP, Approved Vaccinants, Bio Security areas, or non-assessed flocks that are not suspect.
  5. ELECTRONIC IDENTIFICATION: All Victorian Breed sheep must be identified with an electronic NLIS (Sheep) tag before being consigned to an agricultural show. All Sheep must have an electronic NLIS (Sheep) tag before leaving the property on which they reside.  Sheep identified with a visually readable NLIS (Sheep) tag can be introduced into Victoria for sale or slaughter, provided they are identified in accordance with the requirements of their state of origin.
  6. The Committee has the power to refuse admission to, or cause to be removed from the Show, any exhibit affected with any disease. Any sheep with ticks or lice on shall be reported to the Stewards by the Judges prior to the awards being made, and if in the opinion of the Stewards such sheep were tick or lice infected before being dispatched to the Show, same shall be removed from the Show floor. The Exhibitor of any exhibit disapproved of as an exhibit by the Committee or Stewards must immediately upon notice by the Executive Officer remove such exhibit from the Show.
  7. PROTESTS – Protests or complaints in writing against any exhibit or exhibitor must be lodged with the Chief Steward of the Section or the Secretary, no longer than 30 minutes of completion of judging of the event being judged, together with a deposit of $50, which may be forfeited in the case the protest or complaint is considered frivolous.  Such protests or complaints shall be decided by a Disputes committee.  On consideration of the facts, a Disputes committee has the power to call upon any Exhibitor for such information and particulars as they may consider necessary; with onus of proof on the bonafides of the exhibit or of compliance of the rules and regulations shall rest upon the Exhibitor, unless the Committee shall direct otherwise.
  8. OH&S – Principles of Common Law and “Duty of Care” also apply to exhibitors, Employers, and employees.  There are legislative requirements under the OH&S Act 2004 and OH&S Regulations 2007 that all exhibitors are expected to meet in relation to their activities.  In order to ensure this compliance all exhibitors must agree to abide by the safety policies and procedures which have been adopted by the Australian Sheep Breeders Association INC (ASBA).
  9. Exhibitors are required to provide their own forage and water tins, which must be secured above floor level. Animals must be delivered in clean transport.
  10. Every possible care will be taken of all exhibits, but no responsibility will be incurred by the Society.
  12. Prize Lists, Entry Forms, and other necessary information in connection with the Show may be obtained from the Ballarat Showgrounds Office.
  13. Any dispute as to the construction of these regulations shall be determined by the Sheep Show Committee.